(Saturday February 23rd, 2019)

New beer prize, the Beer Eagle,
Awarded to Snab Bierbrouwers

Amsterdam February 22 – Entrepeneur and beerologist Peter van der Arend launched a new beer prize; the Beer Eagle (Bier Arend), a decoraton for the contribution by an institution or a person to the beer community.

The first Beer Eagle was awarded to SNAB Bierbrouwers on Friday February 22nd, 2019 at Paleis van de Weemoed in Amsterdam, where Peter van der Arend celebrated his 50th birthday.

SNAB Bierbrouwers was founded January 24th, 1991. Their goal is to not only promote the beer culture in general but especially for promoting alternatives. SNAB is awarded this prize for their ‘SNAB Pale Ale’.

This beer, inspired by the hoppy and aromatic beers of the American west coast, was unique when first introduced in Europe. Especially for those times (dating back to the year 2000), the Snab Pale Ale is a compex beer, rich in aromas and taste, drinks away easily and is very thirst quenchable. The yeast is from Oregon and the cascade and amarillo hops are from the Yakima Valley in Washington. To define the distinct hop taste, dry-hopping is used. Now we can truly say it’s a classic in Europe!

Honorary Beer Eagle

For this reason the jury* awarded SNAB Bierbrouwers the first Beer Eagle. But during that festive evening Peter also awarded another ‘honorary’ award to two people he holds close to his heart; his parents, Peter Sr. and Loes van der Arend. Without their support, Morebeer; the 4 bars owned by Peter, as well as Morebeer Brewing, would not have existed. Peter van der Arend: ‘They believed in me and provided me the opportunity to fulfill my dream’.

*The Beer Eagle will be awarded annually from now on and the jury will consist of Peter van der Arend and his team.